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Rooted in Science

The soul of Vieroots is in its scientific research. We consider the Roots of Life that goes back to Ancient Wellness Wisdom, which is more of eastern in origin. Some of the greatest treasures, which are enclosed in the ancient ‘Vedas’ are yet to be explored.

Geno-Metabolic Analysis

‘Geno-Metabolic Analysis is far ahead of a normal genetic predisposition test, which provides information about the variations or mutations in your genes and the subsequent lifestyle diseases for which you carry a higher risk compared to the standard population. . .

Microbiome Research

Ayurveda always has always given utmost importance to the gut and the micro organisms present in the gut. That is why ‘vasti’ or cleansing of the gut is the first step in most of the ayurvedic treatment protocols. Of late, Modern medical science also has accepted the importance of gut and the microbiomes inside.

Telomere Research

Telomeres are the caps seen at the tips of the chromosomes. Every time the cells divide, the telomeres get shortened. The nobel prize for Physiology and Medicine for 2009 was awarded to Elizebeth Blackburn and Carol Grieder for their work on the direct correlation between aging and shortening of telomeres.

Product Research

The research team at Vieroots is engaged in extensive research in the areas of Longevity, Mental Wellness, Gut Health, Nootropics and Immunity, to bring out highly result oriented products using cutting edge technology. . .