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Discover the Power of Human Performance 

Optimization for a Better Life.

Human Performance Optimization


We're not just about boosting performance, but enhancing your whole life. Whether it's sharpening your mind, boosting your emotional strength, or achieving your optimal weight, we're here to make sure you're at your best now and in the long run.

3 M Protocol


Let’s biohack your health through diligent measurement and monitoring of vital health indicators. 

Measure, Monitor, Manage.



Self-discovery begins with our at-home saliva test, uncovering 200+ key biomarkers for optimal health. Dive into your genetic makeup and unlock personalized insights.

With precise data at your fingertips, transform your health and thrive like never before.

Harness the power of  your 
genetic blueprint.

Discover 200+ vital biomarkers from the comfort 

of home with a simple saliva test.

Personalized Plans

Based on your unique reports.

Continuous Guidance

Led by a team of medical experts.

Unlock Insights

Encouraging healthy 


Explore EPLIMO

DNA-Based Plans

Harness the essence of your genetic makeup to craft a health and wellness management plan that's as unique as you are. This is truly personalized precision.

Bloodless Blood Test

Daily check-ups minus the needles. Get a bloodless blood test to keep a tab on your biomarkers with a daily facial scan using just your phone camera.

Pocket ECG

A pocket-sized cardiologist, ensuring your heart beats smoothly. Record 6-lead EKGs, spot 6 arrhythmias, and get expert heart health insights for better doctor visits.



Unveil and track your growth with a tailor-made roadmap of precision nutraceuticals, products, and lifestyle upgrades. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and scientific advancements into your daily routine, optimizing every aspect of your well-being. Elevate your performance, enhance longevity, and embrace your best years yet with our innovative solutions.

TRIGR Smart Ring 

A chic spy for your health, tracking every wink, step, and sigh. Access advanced tracking capabilities for optimal well-being with a stylish device monitoring sleep, movement, HRV, temperature, and SPo2 levels, providing key health metrics

Coming soon


Receive instant feedback on glucose levels, allowing you to monitor real-time changes influenced by food, activities, and lifestyle factors.

Coming soon

Your life in your hands, literally.

The ultimate quantified self-tool globally, continuously measuring and monitoring your health for efficient management and longevity.

Meet Your AI Coach, Maia.

Maia revolutionizes your workout routine by making exercise accessible anytime, anywhere, using just your smartphone and its camera.

Receive instant feedback    |     Track real-time progress    |    Uplifting vocal cues    

Correct improper form    |    Celebrate achievements 

Turn Back Your BioClock

An ingenious tool to compare your biological ticker to the average life expectancy. 

Understand how well or poorly your body is aging.

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Partner with our in-house functional medicine experts and health coaches to manage your progress and elevate your optimization journey. Gain access to personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your wellness goals. 

Precision Nutrition

Optimize energy, support your immune system, or enhance cognitive function with our range of nutraceuticals . Embrace the wisdom of nature and the ingenuity of science as you embark on a path toward holistic well-being.

High Absorption


Precision Combination

Backed by Certified
Health Coaches

Navigate every step of your journey with our team of coaches certified by IAFM (Indian Institute of Functional Medicine)

  • Establish and reach health objectives
  • Reverse lifestyle-related conditions, enhance performance
  • Foster behavioral changes for optimized physical and mental well-being

The Numbers Don't Lie.

Tried, tested and proven. The results speak for themselves.


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Lives Transformed


Years of Research


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